Applecat Acres has been breeding and selling outstanding Traditional Siamese cats since 1989, located at 200 Mt. Rock Road in Newville, Cumberland County, PA.

We are a small cattery raising kittens in a home setting, focusing on proper nutrition and strong immune systems. The cats and kittens are not given vaccines and remain free of chemicals and invasive tests. Healthy and of quiet dispositions, they are not fearful or timid. Declawing has never been allowed. Spaying and neutering are necessary as these kittens are sold as companion cats as breeding of kittens is not allowed. 

Registration papers are sent when proof of alteration is provided with a receipt from a veterinarian. 

Currently, we have four breeding males and three queens producing kittens. The males have their own house with outside access. They lead a good life. Mother cats and kittens stay in the home and are never kept in cages. Well socialized, they are used to being a part of the family, including a quiet German Shepherd.